Décor Diaries: My Nightstand

By popular demand, I’m sharing all about my nightstand décor and where you can find it too!

Recently, I’ve been redesigning my room and having such a fun time with the décor process.  I’m going for a simple, minimalistic look that is clean and clutter-free.  I also wanted to do a timeless mixture of classic and modern pieces.


Nightstand Décor


I’ve shared a few progress pictures of my night tables on Instagram, and every time I’ve been asked where I got my nightstand.  I’ve decided to share where I got my nightstand, lamps, and other decor items right here in this post.



Nightstand Decor


When I was researching decor inspiration for my room, I fell in love with the West Elm Terrace Nightstand.  However, a $300 price tag per nightstand was just not in my budget.  So, I started digging around and found the Jacana Side Table at Overstock for $160.  It looks just like the West Elm version for about half of the cost.

I wanted to incorporate the brassy gold color into my lighting as well, so these lamps from Target were the perfect addition.

I kept the rest of the decor simple, opting for some wooden coasters and large candles (Bath and Body Works Limoncello candle is my favorite scent of the moment – so pretty, clean, and fresh!).  

The night tables have three open levels, so I opted to decorate the middle shelves with some of my favorite classic books (these versions of The Odyssey and The Iliad are gorgeous) and the bottom shelves with these metal wire figurines from Target.  


Nightstand Décor


While I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak my nightstand décor, I am loving the current setup I have now.  Hopefully this post was helpful and informative for those of you who are looking to change your space up as well.  I’m doing this project on a budget, so I tried to find the best bargains possible.  

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a side table?


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