Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

When it comes to gifts, sometimes I have a struggle knowing what to buy! Especially when it comes to Mother’s Day.  I want to get my Mom something meaningful, heartfelt… I want to get my Mom something she can use everyday.  Of course, jewelry always comes to the forefront of my mind when it comes to holidays like Mother’s Day.  I love finding pieces that are meaningful, versatile, and timeless.


mother's day jewelry guide


Recently, I learned about Uncommon Goods, an amazing company that sells beautiful jewelry pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

Over the past few months, I’ve been making an effort to become a better consumer.  I seek out brands that make sustainable, environmentally friendly items that I can feel good about buying.  While I was first attracted to Uncommon Goods’ collection of amazing jewelry pieces, I was pleased to learn that their items are made in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people.  You can click here to see all of their entire jewelry collection.

Additionally, most of their jewelry products, home décor and table top items are created in the USA, and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.  As an independently-owned business, they have the freedom to support causes they believe in and impact the world in a positive way.

With every purchase you make, Uncommon Goods donates $1 to the non-profit of your choice, and over the time of twelve years, they’ve donated over $1 million to charities around the world.

Their company is fabulous with customers as well.  They’ve been awarded for outstanding customer service every year since 2007, and in 2015, they achieved the BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence award.  

Needless to say, Uncommon Goods is a company I am totally loving!  If that wasn’t enough, their jewelry pieces are the answer to my Mother’s Day gift prayers. Here, I’m sharing a few of my absolute favorites from their jewelry collection.  To see their entire Mother’s Day collection, go check out the Mother’s Day page at the Uncommon Goods website.



Inner Strength Necklace


The Inner Strength Necklace, here, is a beautiful piece that features the Orion constellation.  To me, this necklace is a gorgeous minimalistic accessory that will pair perfectly with any outfit.  This is great to give to a mom or any of the amazing women in your life.




The Mother Nestling Birds Necklace


The Mother Nestling Birds Necklace, here, is such a lovely, subtle statement piece that is just right for Mother’s Day.  It features a mother bird and up to four baby birds.  I love that it’s so thoughtful and adorable at the same time!



Strong Woman Pendant


The Strong Woman Pendant, here, is engraved with the statement, “Strong Women – May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.”  This is such a simple, meaningful necklace that is perfect for any woman in your life whom you want to celebrate.  



Links of Love Necklace


Links of Love Bracelet


The Links of Love Necklace and Bracelet, here and here, are the perfect symbols of a mother’s connection to her child or loved one.  The large gold band represents the mother, and the small silver band represents the child.  I think that both the necklace and the bracelet are beautiful, heartfelt gifts that are fitting for Mother’s Day.



Connection Necklace


The Connection Necklace, here, represents the many different connections with others that we have interweaved in our lives.  In addition to my mom, I have several other strong women who have helped to guide me through life.  This is a piece that can represent those relationships as well.  

Click here to find even more beautiful women’s pieces at the Uncommon Goods necklace page.  There are so many gorgeous options to pick and choose!

These are some of the jewelry pieces I am loving as Mother’s Day gifts for moms and other important women in your life.  I love that these Uncommon Goods pieces can help us celebrate the strong women who have shaped our generation to be strong and amazing as well! 


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