Week in Pics {31 + 32}: Miami + Update

Hi! I’m back with another pic update talking all about Miami fun and what’s been going on lately.

Life has been so crazy, but I am looking forward to settling back into a regular posting schedule for the spring.  The past two weeks have been so busy but so fun!  In addition to the normal stuff, last weekend was super fun because it was the Daytona 500, which is huge in my house.  Strange as it may seem, I am a big racing fan (my dad raced and my family has always been into it), so I look forward to the 500 every year.  I’m a Dale Jr. fan, but I was also pretty excited to see how the #24 would do since Jeff Gordon retired.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a great day for my driver, but it was an amazing finish.  

Moving on, this Wednesday we went down to Miami for the day to do some shopping, eat some amazing food, and watch the Miami Heat vs. Golden State Warriors game.  It was incredible!  The entire arena was filled to the brim and the game did not disappoint.  I had a bit of difficulty choosing who to root for – Miami Heat is my home state team, but I love Golden State because of Steph Curry.  So basically I was the chick in a Miami hoodie, cheering for both teams.  Also, I documented the whole day on my latest obsession, SNAPCHAT (took me long enough!).  If you want to check out our random adventures, add me -> styledvariety.

Here’s what the week looked like in pics:


{Little piece of Palm Beach}



{Tropical all day, every day}



{Throwback -> I didn’t get the Barbie jeep, I got the race car}



{American Airlines Arena looking pretty}



{Warriors vs. Heat}



{Got to watch the game with my best friends}


That’s what the past couple of weeks have looked like!  What was the best part of your week?


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