When You’re in a Rut


I don’t know about you, but I hate getting stuck in a rut.  That feeling of boredom, that loss of momentum, that lack of motivation.  It’s never fun, but it’s also part of life.

The past few months I’ve definitely experienced being stuck in some sort of rut.  Inspiration has been lacking, motivation has been low, and the routine of everyday life has taken over.  Even though you’re “stuck in a rut,” you feel like you’re constantly treading water, trying not to drown underneath everything.

The past month, I decided to take things into my own hands to get out of this rut and spark some motivation.  I am a Type-A, perfectionist personality.  I want results right away, no excuses.  I can tend to be extremely hard on myself if I don’t get things perfectly the first time, or if I can’t achieve the results I want in a quick time frame.  That often leads to a longer delay in accomplishing what I want because I won’t allow myself to work through the process.

The biggest part of getting out of a rut is reminding myself that it’s okay if it takes little steps.  It’s okay if it takes a little while.  It’s okay (it’s NORMAL) for life to be a process.

Another thing I’ve been reminding myself? To stop thinking about doing things and actually start doing them.  At some points in life, it’s time to get yourself together and handle the things you’ve been needing to deal with, even if it takes longer than expected.  Be realistic with yourself!

How will I be doing on this?  By actually taking time to do things that help me to feel inspired and happy.  I recently have been redecorating my space and experiencing a wave of positivity and inspiration as a result.  I’ve cleaned out my closets and gotten rid of so much stuff I’ve been hoarding.  By clearing the physical clutter, I’m slowly starting to clear up the mental clutter.

I’ve also been reading a lot more.  I love learning, and reading offers a way for me to learn about the things I love while relaxing at the same time.  I make a point to light a candle, get cozy, and read for at least an hour every night instead of watching endless YouTube videos or stressing out about things I can’t change in the moment.  And you know what?  I wake up the next day totally recharged and much happier.

So, these are basically some of the things I’m doing to jump out of a rut.  What do you do when you’re lacking inspiration?


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  1. March 21, 2016 / 2:59 am

    Sorry to hear you are going through a rut, but it sounds like you have a solid plan to end it. I always try to increase how much I exercise when I’m in a rut. For some reason it just makes me feel altogether better.
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